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former drawfag from /b/ (2012-2013, I still lurk) who went by photo.jpg.

I'm a white dude who is programming at AiE.

No, I'm not going to check my privilege. If you are offended by my content, message me. Tell me how you are offended. If you are some fat cunt who was triggered by cake, I will not apologize.


I found out today that there’s a Superjail Doujin, and we have one at the Titmouse office. It’s fascinating.


The Wonderful 101


Suddenly, I have an inexplicable urge to draw Vanessa Doofenshmirtz as Jessica Rabbit! ;)

It’s a pity I don’t have time for drawing cool stuff… Enjoy the gifs anyway!

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Waddles is a gentleman~

RIP linear

If you are still playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, have this Wonder Red QR Code from Nintendo’s The Wonderful 101 on the Wii U.

Great album

Great album


For $17,000, you could own the domain name 17000dollars.com for about 676 years with privacy protection from godaddy. The first year would be $11.16, years 2-10 would be $23.16/year, and every year after the 10th would be $25.16/year.


Haha Yukari’s so cute!!

P/s: Last one I swear

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The Bitch Is Back

It’s good to have her back!


The Bitch Is Back

It’s good to have her back!

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hello 4chin users…. I just wanted you to know I am really triggered by a MINT CONDITION NINTENDO WII U BUNDLE WITH NINTENDOLAND AND MARIO KART 8….. if someone were to, I don’t know, ship one to my door, I would get EXTREMELY TRIGGERED and probably DELETE MY BLOG…. so no one do that ok…

Top kek m80, top kek

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God Hand got a 3.0 and The Wonderful 101 got a 7.3

I hate IGN

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